Thursday, October 18, 2007

lets go bilingual...

A new era starts for ad2date! Since I'm leaving New York City soon (I don't want to say "for good" yet) and going back to Greece, I decided that is a good reason to start writing some posts in Greek. So starting from today-maybe tomorrow-the next post will be in Greek, focusing a little bit more on Greek adverting and marketing industry too. I am one of those people who believe Greek advertising is trapped in the past, but with boundless potentials for impovement - and seems that new creative and innovating things are about to happen...stay tuned...

now thats an idea...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life Takes Visa

This is my last month in NYC, so I'm trying to see everything from a different point of view, observe and appreciate all those things that I was passing by without even noticing them. That wasn't the case with the following ads though and the reason is can't pass by them without stopping to take a closer look!!!

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Directors: Patrick O'neill, Joe Shands
Art Director: John Dwight
Copywriter: Steve Zumwinkel
Photographers: Staudinger+Franke, Zachary Scott
Retouching: Magic Group, Saddington+Baynes, Gloss, Primary Color

Invest in the Wind

This morning I was reading an old post at adsurd with the following hilarious spot that made me laugh like the first time I watched it, so here you are the all time classic "wind"...enjoy!

They couldn't find a better guy for the wind role...LOOOL

Monday, October 15, 2007

Political television advertising to reach $3 billion

I read a very interesting article on this morning and I though it's a good answer to those who still believe that advertising is pure art. The cost to try to influence the 2008 election could exceed $3 billion, according to TNS Media Intelligence/Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN's consultant on political television advertising. This is nearly twice as much than what was spent in 2004 when political and issue-advocacy television advertising rang in at $1.7 billion. In other words the political TELEVISION advertising this year will be 11 times the total budget of Afghanistan!
Dear American're gonna be bombarded and brainwashed like never before...good luck with that!!!

here is a sneak peek.

Fight for Kisses

There was a time when the babies had a great life, the softness of their skin got all their mom's attention! Then one day fathers discovered a special weapon to take revenge and win back their wives...Wilkinson Quattro Titanium!
From now on fathers and sons can fight on equal terms!!!

JWT Paris uses the simple concept "skin as soft as a baby's" and evolves it into a cool video and a website with a lot of goodies to keep you "busy".

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today, October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future.

Blog Action Day is about MASS participation. That means we need you! Here are 3 ways to participate:

Post on your blog relating to the environment on Blog Action Day
Donate your day’s earnings to an environmental charity
Promote Blog Action Day around the web

Ad2date is proud to be one of the fifteen thousand registered blogs supporting the Blog Action Day. Friends register your blog and support the Blog Action Day. At my very first post at this blog I was writing for a party that will start a revolution and this is one of our chances to unite under the most important issue -the environment- and bring the revolution into reality!

Things to DO...

Today is a day for actions...stand up, leave your comfortable couch and you favorite brain-burning TV show! It's hard for me too, I know...but if we dont want to be remembered as the generation that knew about Global Warming and didn't take any actions to save the plannet we should WAKE UP!!!
These are 10 things we can all do (starting from today) to reduce the Global Warming:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (one recycled bottle equals the energy consumed to watch a 3hrs movie on your tv)
2. Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning
3. Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL)
4. Drive Less and Drive Smart
5. Buy Energy-Efficient Products
6. Use Less Hot Water
7. Use the "Off" Switch (its there for a reason-Mac users)
8. Plant a Tree (even at your balcony)
9. Get a Report Card from Your Utility Company
10. Encourage Others to Conserve

For a full Global Warming Survival Guide visit the following link

Greeks do it better

Ogilvy One Athens after the huge buzz with the Vodafone account and the trapped girl, they hit again with Piraeus Bank and Afoi Paradakis. "Lefta sto Lepto" (Money in a minute)is the new internet and phone banking service of the Piraeus Bank that did a step forward with creative internet advertising. The videos are hilarious - if you can understand Greek- watch all of them at and choose your favorite...

SfendEx2000 (my favorite)
OlmoWallet K1 or
ManaMoney X200

Kudos to Ogilvy One! Bravo to Piraeus Bank for making the step ahead and trusting internet!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

in the air tonight...

The first time I saw this ad I remember myself with the question "what is the point of this?"
Anyways, every time I watch this "gorilla ad" I like it more and more with no particular reason... maybe because the music selection is so good and familiar, maybe because of the creative explanation of CK who talk me into the ad, maybe just the image of a gorilla playing the drums and be so fucking good!
Whatever it is...this ad has a way to somehow captivate you and create a buzz...what else do you want?

recipe to turn you on...

1 oz of Modernista, Boston.
3/4 oz of Kate Walsh (from Greys Anatomy) to pump some erotic excitement.
1 oz of 2008 redesigned CTS.
1 GM's decision for turning the Cadillac brand around from white-belted retirees cars to the mark of wealth.

Poor all ingredients into a shaker,
Shake well and strain into a Martini glass...


*it doesn't match as well with Leo Burnett or show ups in "Matrix Reloaded"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The beauty of the Lion

Ogilvy and Mather Toronto won last night the Grand Prix in the Film Lions category with their spot "Evolution" for Dove Self Esteem Fund. And this is a real evolution, since it was the first time in festival's history a spot, that was first introduced through the Internet, to win the Film Lion. And not only that..."Evolution" also won Cyber Lion and made Ogilvy and Mather Toronto the absolute King of the Festival. (even though Saatchi and Saatchi New York was awarded as the Agency of the year)
On the whining side...some of the participants argue that the committee shouldn't have moved the spot from the fundraising and appeals category to corporate image category - according to the Festival rules spots that targets fundraising or philanthropy can not participate for the Grand Film Lion...
The true is that the best spot won the Film Lion and that Internet has a starring role in the communication mix of every product...all the rest is history!
Welcome the new King!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


As I said in my latest post, I have abandoned my blog for the last couple of months for all the reasons I mentioned...but now I'm back and this time I won't try to update this blog with the latest advertising or marketing news...I'll go one step further and I'll present you a campaign that is not released more words...straight from Ogilvy One oven...fresh and smoking hot campaign for Vodafone...


tips: the mission is to save the girl...don't hesitate to give her your Vodafone cellphone number ;)

59 days later...

...and a lot of things have changed...
almost everything...first of all I'm writing this post from New York City where I moved almost 2 months ago!!! Boston Era is over for many good many good friends...just to make myself clear I'm not even close to start whynning, I love NY - like the cheesy t-shirt says, that every tourist wears when visits NY - but something is missing - maybe it's my mood today...although i'm sure it will come on the way!!!
Anyway, lets walk at the bright side again...after lots and lots of job-hunting I found a job in ANT1 the largest Greek TV network, and the best part is that I really enjoy it!!!
But you know what they say...when one searching stops another starts...and mine was an apartment searching-it took me almost 2 months-and I would be homeless sleeping at the park (which is not so bad) if i didn't have a couple of good friends to help me out, stand by me when i was grumpier than even before...and I owe them a BIIIIG THANK YOU!!!! (u know)
Now that I see back it was quite an experience with a lot of lessons, miles of walking around NYC(still I can't perfectly orientate) and a couple of really good stories for my grandchildren looooooool
But these days are over too...and I'm back...from NYC...with new apartment (no furniture yet), and in the search for the new search...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Buzzer Beater...

Take your chances, low the expectations to everyone else but yourself, stay focused, be patient, and when the time is right ask for the last shoot!!! Because after all, scoring the wining point at the very last seconds of the game is the most wonderful feeling and the biggest repay for your efforts and your sad days!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Next Generation War just started...

The PlayStation 3 was launched in Britain yesterday midnight at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street followed by parties all around Europe to celebrate and welcome the new Sony console. But if you think that Microsoft Xbox 360 sit down and watched the celebrations think again...

Microsoft decided that is a good idea to take a little of the shine of Sony's console launch and sneak into PS3 celebration! Most specifically, Microsoft Xbox360 attacked the weakest point of PS3 which is marketing and PR...last night outside London's Virgin Megastore were offered fold-out chairs, which upon opening read: "Shouldn't have kept you waiting" - and a link to The site, as you can imagine, 'welcomes' the PS3 to the next-generation, and make fun of the console for being sooo late.

At the PS3 launch event in Paris next to Seine river, Microsoft found an opportunity to do a little guerrilla marketing by sending a boat next to the PS3 party with banners that wrote "Xbox360 love u". Check the video here!

As you can imagine this is only the start of the next-gen war...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Viva as Diferenças

viva o lado CocaCola da musica!

Can you guess the Rock Bands???

This is a visual game that BBDO, Milan created...
Guess the famous rock bands in each ad...

Answers: Mini intends to be as legendary as Police, Doors and Red Hot Chilly Peppers!

Ogilvy's Hot Wheels...

I love this campaign!!! I can remember myself as a kid trying with my friends to create our own ramps for the hot wheels cars and set up races...these new ramp ideas offered by Ogilvy.
maybe I should try them...where are my hot wheels???

Adidas loves competition!

In an increasing ad-clustered environment, advertising is all about innovation, on the edge creativity, and continues change of status quo!
This is a very interesting work done by students of Willem de Kooning Academy, The Netherlands
The credits go to:
Art Director: Yona Hümmels
Copywriter: Stef Jongenelen
Instructor: Paul Hughes


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snack Attack!

The other day I was reading the cover of Wired magazine with the title "Snack Culture" and I wondered...when did pop culture become snack culture???What is snack culture after all???
Wired defines it as a high speed pop culture where everything from movies, TV shows, songs, trends, fashion and styles come and go without stopping!
Video on demand substituted cinema...ipod, the Walkman...and diaries.
Fasten your seat belts...this is only the start of a new era of communications technology where future comes to you fast and entertainment comes packaged and in bite sizes!
Read the latest issue of Wired magazine and the epic history of Snack Culture.
Welcome to the future...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Miller gone Digitas...

After Anheuser-Busch, launched online network earlier this month, we had the official announcement from Miller that Digitas will be its new digital agency!
Digitas is a very Internet savvy and experienced agency which will try to evolve Miller's digital marketing approach at a time that beer marketers are becoming more and more aggressive in their digital promotions.
According to Laura Lang, president of Digitas. "Digital marketing is becoming such an integral part of any marketing campaign, and we know we can help Miller develop world-class digital programming."
As you can understand this is only the start of the rival...but the interesting part is that the field is new, promising but at the same time dangerous for both competitors...

Online networks!

I was reading a post the other day in where according to New York Times and media buying agencies, the growth of UK advertising is roughly 40% per year and the overall spending for online advertising will reach 14% of overall ad spending. It is more than clear that Web 2.0 is leading us into a new communications era where the consumer has more control than ever before.
In order to build a brand and create a relationship between the consumer and the brand, today's marketers must explore all the different tools, techniques and channels that this new communication technology provides.
It seems that "integrated communications" combined with "creativity" is the key of success in this new communication age. More and more marketers lately expanding their boundaries, beyond the traditional promotion techniques by taking advantage of the broad array of options the new communications technology offers!

The most recent example is that Bud launched an online TV network earlier this month! In, Anheuser Busch and DDB Chicago came with the idea to hype the product by using online channels other than youtube and myspace, and what is a better idea than creating your own online TV network!?
The concept behind is to produce compiling content that is not another ad but stuff that people are willing to spend time and watch. have already agreed with the writers of "Saturday Night Live" and "The Howard Stern Show" as well as with Hollywood stars such as Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.
The expected cost will be approximately $30 million for the first year and it clearly broadens the horizons the of marketing communications!
On the other hand, in order to prohibit underage access, the site has a lot of entrance barriers that make it extremely hard to visit (especially for non-Americans), asks for your driving licence number, zip code and a other personal information that a lot of people even if they have, are not willing to share with a beer company.
At the bottom line, it is a ambitious and innovating concept at an early stage, with advantages and disadvantages, that moves marketing communications and advertising in another platform...let's keep an eye on it!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Coke Vs Pepsi over the most powerfull rhetorical weapon!

When the Greek philosopher Aristotle described modes of persuasion: ethos, pathos and logos, as devices in rhetoric that classify the speaker's appeal to the audience, didn't have in mind that 2357 years later he will be the reason for a logo war...
If you are confused, I'm talking about the Cola logo war that was escalated after the the latest Pepsi commercials. More specifically, Coka Cola and Pepsi are fighting over what Aristotle called pathos - the use of emotional appeals to alter the audience's judgment.
We are familiar with the Coca Cola campaign titled "the coke side of life" (Wieden & Kennedy) which is based on love, happiness, and giving that they trigger emotion, but lately we have a new campaign from BBDO Worldwide, NY, which is tagged as "more happy" and attempts to give life to Pepsi's logo!
In one of the new commercials, Pepsi's logo takes the form of a huge beach ball that with the help of people start a bouncing journey around the world! It starts from a Brazilian beach, then to Central Park, at a point it is ready to fall in the ocean and the game to over but a whale punches it back and the game continues with the slogan "more happy."
The second commercial shows a guy that just opened a Pepsi and suddenly gets on a giant Pepsi pinball on the streets of San Fransisco with the same ending line..."more happy."
As I have mentioned before in this blog I believe that advertising industry should rediscover its most powerful rhetoric weapon, pathos, trigger emotions in combination with clear - targeted messages and let customers answer the rhetoric question...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Let us march against Philip"

"The Father of Advertising" David Ogilvy in his book "Ogilvy on Advertising" says that he doesn't consider advertising as entertainment or a form of art, but as a medium of information! More specifically he quotes "When I write an advertisement, I don't want you to tell me that you find it creative, I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product."
When Greek statesman Aeschines spoke to his people urging them to unite and defend independence against Philip II of Macedon, they said "How well he speaks." But it was Demosthenes' speech that made people say..."Let us march against Philip."

Thursday, February 8, 2007


I'm world famous for my stubborn character (some people will laugh reading this...) but I have to admit that I miss Greece, family and friends! Better days are coming...after all the journey counts more than the destination...

Monday, February 5, 2007

War of the Worlds between Microsoft and Apple!

The anticipated launch of iphone from Apple and its entry in the cellular market have made all the cellphone companies to feel a little bit uncomfortable...! The latest rumors from suggests that Microsoft in working on its own phone! According to these rumors Microsoft is targeting Apple by developing Zune Phone which will be able to sync with the Xbox 360 and stream video from the system to the phone via a wireless data connection.
Microsoft has to worry not only about the development of Zune Phone on a specific timescale, but also to come up with a smart and creative release strategy, since Apple iphone is right at the corner...(June 2007)

And the winner of the Super Bowl is...

Violence and talking animals...not a lot of sex this year (only ad and Snickers ad - where two car mechanics have a brokeback mountain moment..) Most of this year's Super Bowl Commercials were catchy, smart with funny lines and effective messages-absolutely relevant to each product's pitch.

The biggest disappointment were consumer generated ads! Doritos "crash" commercial was nothing close to the hype creative youtube commercial that everyone expected and Chevy's "car wash" where a bunch of people jumping around the car wasn't entertaining or smart in any way! The only consumer generated ad that stand along was NFL's commercial about the end of football season which was smart and emotional.

On the other hand, Coca Cola (Wieden+Kennedy) came with very creative, colorful, happy and highly-produced commercials as it was expected, Bud Light ads catch every one's eyes and make us laugh with the "rock, paper, scissors", and "silly slapping", commercials (DDB Chicago). In addition, I really enjoyed the career builder commercials (Cramer-Krasselt) especially the "promotion pit"...but I think it's because I'm relate to the
Last but not least, my favorite Super Bowl XLI commercials were...the hilarious Blockbuster "mouse-click" (Doner)and Bud's Light "classroom" ad (LatinWorks)!

How can you vote for the best Super Bowl commercial??? Visit and vote for your favorite one! Up to now we have the following results:

Blockbuster: Mouse (Doner) --> 46%
Bud Light: Gorillas (Mortar) --> 33%
Bud Light: Hitchhiker (DDB Chicago) --> 33%
Budweiser: Dalmatian (DDB Chicago) -->32%

Friday, February 2, 2007

Super Bowl weekend!

The Super Bowl weekend is here and is more than a game! Super Bowl for advertising is what Oscars are for film industry. Hundreds of advertisers fighting and negotiating over 30 sec of exposure before, during and after the big game!
CBS Network announced that the cost for 30sec air time during this year's Super Bowl is $2.5 millions, which is a new high price record, and the question rising...Is a Super Bowl commercial worth the money?
Procter & Gamble and Unilever, decided that the answer is no, believing that their message will resonate much better during the Academy Awards!

On the other hand, Cadillac choose to be advertised only after the game! The reason to make this decision is their prediction that viewers brand-engagement is low during the game but increases in post-game coverage, which is about winners and celebrations themes that fits better with a luxury-car brand!

What about all the other advertisers? What's going to be on the game?
Secrecy...secrecy...secrecy...only few people know and most of them are not willing to reveal the smallest detail!
Which doesn't make sense to me...I don't want to play smart, but when you spend $2.5 millions for 30 second, it sounds crazy not to leverage it by getting all the advanced publicity and post-game publicity that you possibly can!

Some of the marketers have pre-publicized details of their commercials in order to take the benefit of this publicity, such as Nationwide Insurance that revealed that Kevin Federline (ex-Mr. Britney Spears) will be in their commercial playing a fast food employee, while Triple Double L.A. announced that in NFL commercials we will see David Beckham, Martha Steward, Jimmy Fallon and LL Cool J.

The newest trend in Super Bowl commercials will be the consumer generated ads! Ads produced theoretically not by advertising agencies but from ordinary people like us who upload videos to! Doritos, Chevy and NFL will follow this trend, so keep an eye on their ads! Maybe your idea is the next Super Bowl commercial...


As a new member of blog community I have to admit that I'm overwhelmed with the blogging concept. The model of an interactive user-generated website where the authors have the freedom to write their ideas, comments and thoughts on any subject, from news and politics to food, art and the existence of aliens seems captivating. Hundreds of people from different cultures and social groups meet everyday on my laptop screen with one goal to present their ideas.

This is a pretty romantic angle to see blogging...but when presentation becomes promotion?
Yesterday I was introduced to AdSense and Google Analytics, two very useful tools where you can count your website visitors, check the numbers of clicks and register for online ads!
Two days ago I was writing my first post about advertising that attracts our emotions and not our eyes and hours later I caught myself adding bad taste flashing ads to my blog!

This morning I woke up, typed and BAM! a flashing ad about The Soul mate Calculator...
Woooow wait...something is wrong here!

What's up Philip? Where is the party that will start the revolution? Is it over so soon?
No friends!
The party is here!
After all, every party has one bad song...and "the soul mate calculator" was the bad song of this party!

p.s: the flashing ads were removed and a google search engine for adweek, adage and youtube was added this morning! enjoy...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Promo gone bad!

A marketing campaign for Cartoon Network's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" turned into a daylong terrorism scare for the city of Boston and a public relations crisis for Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
Today's chaos started early morning when police received several report for similar devices described as an object with wires and tubes. The "suspicious devices" were placed all around the city, bridges, overpasses, in subway stations and other public places. The bomb squad was called in to detonated and remove the "suspicious devices" which proved to be a bunch of blinking boards that were mistaken for bombs!!!
The patterns of lighted dots were shaping Err, cartoon character showing the finger, and they were part of the show's promotion campaign!

What is the end of the story?

The artist who planted these marketing figures got arrested...the city of Boston was under chaos for hours, with bomb squad running across the city...and Err is the most famous cartoon character in US especially after the air time he got to every major network!
PR nightmare or marketing daydream for Turner Broadcasting System Inc ? Please comment...

Thriller in the ad world...

On 04/13/2007 Revolution/Sony Pictures will release a fictional thriller that takes place in the ad world. Bruce Willis starring as Harrison Hill, a high-powered advertising executive who leaves Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners to start his own company and on his way out takes with him Reebok account. The brands that appear in the film are Reebok, Victoria Secret, Heineken, and Ben & Jerry's. For "Perfect Stranger", Victoria Secret and Reebok were written into the script from the start and they didn't pay cash for their screen time. However they helped by providing talent (supermodel Heidi Klum), product and logistical support. Heineken didn't pay either, but it might create some promotions for the movie as it launches internationally. According to the producer of the film, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas "The brands are perfectly suited and there's a great cross-collateralization."


Creative Freedom on

Check out a fresh outlook towards advertising from my friend Joanna Karogiannis at Conde Nast:

If you thought you would never be able to control the ads you see think again. Read the article below about Conde Net's new teen website.Flip, Conde Nast's answer to MySpace for teen girls that goes live Feb. 6, will offer its users the ability to choose what advertising they see and in what form. According to MediaWeek, CondeNet has signed on five premiere sponsors, including PacSun, Nordstrom, Clean & Clear and Vera Wang. Sources said packages between $300,000 and $500,000 were offered - indicating the site will pull in some $2 million before launch.The primary ad units on Flip will be nonbranded digital images that members can use however they'd like to populate "Flip books" - which act as photo albums/diaries/digital scrapbooks that a user creates within her profile.For example, Nordstrom will provide images of models wearing apparel that girls can paste in their Flip books; they are revealed to be Nordstrom clothing only when users click on them.There are traditional banner ads in some parts of Flip, including on individual profile pages. But even on those pages the users decide, during the setup phase, which brand's ads will appear.

Shrek on a diet...

Will the green ogre change sides from McDonald's, Mars and sugary cereal promoter to a spokesman for good health? Tomorrow (Feb.1) the U.S Department of Health, the Ad Council and Dreamworks are hosting a press conference where they will announce that Shrek will be the main character for the Small Step obesity-prevention campaign, which encourages children and their families to have healthy lifestyles. The new Shrek ads will be unveiled tomorrow in Washington. Stay tuned...

The party that started a revolution!

Today there are more than 1 billion people online creating what I refer to the biggest attraction party on this planet! If you add to them a couple of billion tangible-world shoppers you come up with almost half of earth's population moving to a new communication era where "attraction" plays a leading role! Does Information Age really exist or it has it been substituted by Attraction Era? Is attraction a prerequisite for information? What makes information interesting and appealing?
There are millions of websites, blogs, brands and stores where you can find every information, service and product you may need. But what is the reason you choose specific websites, stores and products?
Is it the website design, the creative direction of a commercial, the happenings taking place in a store or the colorful billboards?
I don't know if you feel the same way but every time I search the Internet I feel as if I am in the middle of a boundless Times Square with no way to escape! Pop-ups, videos, flashing images, and jumping weirdos... everyone tries to catch our eyes but very few target our heart.
OK, I see your ad flying around my screen when I'm trying to check my email...and the only emotion towards your product is anger! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the role of advertising is to connect a product with more positive emotions like surprise, curiosity, acceptance, joy, happiness and love!?
On the other hand this Internet attraction party represents the absolut democracy where everyone around the wolrd is free to say, criticize and promote their craziest ideas!
This blog intents to inform its readers about the latest global news of advertising and marketing industry. In addition, ad2date welcomes all of you to post your opinions, constructive critisism, and creative ideas on advertising. Let's make advertising more creative, more romantic, more artistic, more emotional...
Spread the word...let's get this party started...