Monday, February 5, 2007

And the winner of the Super Bowl is...

Violence and talking animals...not a lot of sex this year (only ad and Snickers ad - where two car mechanics have a brokeback mountain moment..) Most of this year's Super Bowl Commercials were catchy, smart with funny lines and effective messages-absolutely relevant to each product's pitch.

The biggest disappointment were consumer generated ads! Doritos "crash" commercial was nothing close to the hype creative youtube commercial that everyone expected and Chevy's "car wash" where a bunch of people jumping around the car wasn't entertaining or smart in any way! The only consumer generated ad that stand along was NFL's commercial about the end of football season which was smart and emotional.

On the other hand, Coca Cola (Wieden+Kennedy) came with very creative, colorful, happy and highly-produced commercials as it was expected, Bud Light ads catch every one's eyes and make us laugh with the "rock, paper, scissors", and "silly slapping", commercials (DDB Chicago). In addition, I really enjoyed the career builder commercials (Cramer-Krasselt) especially the "promotion pit"...but I think it's because I'm relate to the
Last but not least, my favorite Super Bowl XLI commercials were...the hilarious Blockbuster "mouse-click" (Doner)and Bud's Light "classroom" ad (LatinWorks)!

How can you vote for the best Super Bowl commercial??? Visit and vote for your favorite one! Up to now we have the following results:

Blockbuster: Mouse (Doner) --> 46%
Bud Light: Gorillas (Mortar) --> 33%
Bud Light: Hitchhiker (DDB Chicago) --> 33%
Budweiser: Dalmatian (DDB Chicago) -->32%

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