Friday, February 2, 2007


As a new member of blog community I have to admit that I'm overwhelmed with the blogging concept. The model of an interactive user-generated website where the authors have the freedom to write their ideas, comments and thoughts on any subject, from news and politics to food, art and the existence of aliens seems captivating. Hundreds of people from different cultures and social groups meet everyday on my laptop screen with one goal to present their ideas.

This is a pretty romantic angle to see blogging...but when presentation becomes promotion?
Yesterday I was introduced to AdSense and Google Analytics, two very useful tools where you can count your website visitors, check the numbers of clicks and register for online ads!
Two days ago I was writing my first post about advertising that attracts our emotions and not our eyes and hours later I caught myself adding bad taste flashing ads to my blog!

This morning I woke up, typed and BAM! a flashing ad about The Soul mate Calculator...
Woooow wait...something is wrong here!

What's up Philip? Where is the party that will start the revolution? Is it over so soon?
No friends!
The party is here!
After all, every party has one bad song...and "the soul mate calculator" was the bad song of this party!

p.s: the flashing ads were removed and a google search engine for adweek, adage and youtube was added this morning! enjoy...


marinabal said...

Anti gia na grafeis gia tetia den grafeis gia to kolo iTunes pou an pas se site alis xwras na akousis kai ali mousikoula sou leei oti you are restrected mono apo tin xwra pou exei account bwris na katebasei?
Na pane na xathoune! this is digital age, piw to noima na exeis itunes afou intenet=no borders!
akous kirie???

Anastasia said...

Just dropping a WELCOME aboard,
in the World of Blog!!!

I see you are really overwhelmed and I like this in people .. it shows passion, freedom, open-mindeness...

Arketa me tin filosofia giati tha nyxtwsoume!

Na einai kala o filos mas o Kintzios pou elege sto msn gia esena kai to site sou. Eimai kai egw syn-derre-otisa !!! Isws den einai to katallilo meros pou sou evala efto to minima kaloswrismatos alla den iksera pou allou na to grapsw.. So , whatever!!
Kali diathesi kai xamogelo !!! :-)

Kali arxi kai synexia sto SuperBlog !!!

Mata :-)