Monday, February 12, 2007

Coke Vs Pepsi over the most powerfull rhetorical weapon!

When the Greek philosopher Aristotle described modes of persuasion: ethos, pathos and logos, as devices in rhetoric that classify the speaker's appeal to the audience, didn't have in mind that 2357 years later he will be the reason for a logo war...
If you are confused, I'm talking about the Cola logo war that was escalated after the the latest Pepsi commercials. More specifically, Coka Cola and Pepsi are fighting over what Aristotle called pathos - the use of emotional appeals to alter the audience's judgment.
We are familiar with the Coca Cola campaign titled "the coke side of life" (Wieden & Kennedy) which is based on love, happiness, and giving that they trigger emotion, but lately we have a new campaign from BBDO Worldwide, NY, which is tagged as "more happy" and attempts to give life to Pepsi's logo!
In one of the new commercials, Pepsi's logo takes the form of a huge beach ball that with the help of people start a bouncing journey around the world! It starts from a Brazilian beach, then to Central Park, at a point it is ready to fall in the ocean and the game to over but a whale punches it back and the game continues with the slogan "more happy."
The second commercial shows a guy that just opened a Pepsi and suddenly gets on a giant Pepsi pinball on the streets of San Fransisco with the same ending line..."more happy."
As I have mentioned before in this blog I believe that advertising industry should rediscover its most powerful rhetoric weapon, pathos, trigger emotions in combination with clear - targeted messages and let customers answer the rhetoric question...

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