Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The beauty of the Lion

Ogilvy and Mather Toronto won last night the Grand Prix in the Film Lions category with their spot "Evolution" for Dove Self Esteem Fund. And this is a real evolution, since it was the first time in festival's history a spot, that was first introduced through the Internet, to win the Film Lion. And not only that..."Evolution" also won Cyber Lion and made Ogilvy and Mather Toronto the absolute King of the Festival. (even though Saatchi and Saatchi New York was awarded as the Agency of the year)
On the whining side...some of the participants argue that the committee shouldn't have moved the spot from the fundraising and appeals category to corporate image category - according to the Festival rules spots that targets fundraising or philanthropy can not participate for the Grand Film Lion...
The true is that the best spot won the Film Lion and that Internet has a starring role in the communication mix of every product...all the rest is history!
Welcome the new King!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


As I said in my latest post, I have abandoned my blog for the last couple of months for all the reasons I mentioned...but now I'm back and this time I won't try to update this blog with the latest advertising or marketing news...I'll go one step further and I'll present you a campaign that is not released more words...straight from Ogilvy One oven...fresh and smoking hot campaign for Vodafone...


tips: the mission is to save the girl...don't hesitate to give her your Vodafone cellphone number ;)

59 days later...

...and a lot of things have changed...
almost everything...first of all I'm writing this post from New York City where I moved almost 2 months ago!!! Boston Era is over for many good many good friends...just to make myself clear I'm not even close to start whynning, I love NY - like the cheesy t-shirt says, that every tourist wears when visits NY - but something is missing - maybe it's my mood today...although i'm sure it will come on the way!!!
Anyway, lets walk at the bright side again...after lots and lots of job-hunting I found a job in ANT1 the largest Greek TV network, and the best part is that I really enjoy it!!!
But you know what they say...when one searching stops another starts...and mine was an apartment searching-it took me almost 2 months-and I would be homeless sleeping at the park (which is not so bad) if i didn't have a couple of good friends to help me out, stand by me when i was grumpier than even before...and I owe them a BIIIIG THANK YOU!!!! (u know)
Now that I see back it was quite an experience with a lot of lessons, miles of walking around NYC(still I can't perfectly orientate) and a couple of really good stories for my grandchildren looooooool
But these days are over too...and I'm back...from NYC...with new apartment (no furniture yet), and in the search for the new search...