Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Promo gone bad!

A marketing campaign for Cartoon Network's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" turned into a daylong terrorism scare for the city of Boston and a public relations crisis for Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
Today's chaos started early morning when police received several report for similar devices described as an object with wires and tubes. The "suspicious devices" were placed all around the city, bridges, overpasses, in subway stations and other public places. The bomb squad was called in to detonated and remove the "suspicious devices" which proved to be a bunch of blinking boards that were mistaken for bombs!!!
The patterns of lighted dots were shaping Err, cartoon character showing the finger, and they were part of the show's promotion campaign!

What is the end of the story?

The artist who planted these marketing figures got arrested...the city of Boston was under chaos for hours, with bomb squad running across the city...and Err is the most famous cartoon character in US especially after the air time he got to every major network!
PR nightmare or marketing daydream for Turner Broadcasting System Inc ? Please comment...

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marinabal said...

Bravo! write more because I have to write on it for my PR class!