Friday, March 23, 2007

Next Generation War just started...

The PlayStation 3 was launched in Britain yesterday midnight at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street followed by parties all around Europe to celebrate and welcome the new Sony console. But if you think that Microsoft Xbox 360 sit down and watched the celebrations think again...

Microsoft decided that is a good idea to take a little of the shine of Sony's console launch and sneak into PS3 celebration! Most specifically, Microsoft Xbox360 attacked the weakest point of PS3 which is marketing and PR...last night outside London's Virgin Megastore were offered fold-out chairs, which upon opening read: "Shouldn't have kept you waiting" - and a link to The site, as you can imagine, 'welcomes' the PS3 to the next-generation, and make fun of the console for being sooo late.

At the PS3 launch event in Paris next to Seine river, Microsoft found an opportunity to do a little guerrilla marketing by sending a boat next to the PS3 party with banners that wrote "Xbox360 love u". Check the video here!

As you can imagine this is only the start of the next-gen war...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Viva as Diferenças

viva o lado CocaCola da musica!

Can you guess the Rock Bands???

This is a visual game that BBDO, Milan created...
Guess the famous rock bands in each ad...

Answers: Mini intends to be as legendary as Police, Doors and Red Hot Chilly Peppers!

Ogilvy's Hot Wheels...

I love this campaign!!! I can remember myself as a kid trying with my friends to create our own ramps for the hot wheels cars and set up races...these new ramp ideas offered by Ogilvy.
maybe I should try them...where are my hot wheels???

Adidas loves competition!

In an increasing ad-clustered environment, advertising is all about innovation, on the edge creativity, and continues change of status quo!
This is a very interesting work done by students of Willem de Kooning Academy, The Netherlands
The credits go to:
Art Director: Yona Hümmels
Copywriter: Stef Jongenelen
Instructor: Paul Hughes