Friday, February 2, 2007

Super Bowl weekend!

The Super Bowl weekend is here and is more than a game! Super Bowl for advertising is what Oscars are for film industry. Hundreds of advertisers fighting and negotiating over 30 sec of exposure before, during and after the big game!
CBS Network announced that the cost for 30sec air time during this year's Super Bowl is $2.5 millions, which is a new high price record, and the question rising...Is a Super Bowl commercial worth the money?
Procter & Gamble and Unilever, decided that the answer is no, believing that their message will resonate much better during the Academy Awards!

On the other hand, Cadillac choose to be advertised only after the game! The reason to make this decision is their prediction that viewers brand-engagement is low during the game but increases in post-game coverage, which is about winners and celebrations themes that fits better with a luxury-car brand!

What about all the other advertisers? What's going to be on the game?
Secrecy...secrecy...secrecy...only few people know and most of them are not willing to reveal the smallest detail!
Which doesn't make sense to me...I don't want to play smart, but when you spend $2.5 millions for 30 second, it sounds crazy not to leverage it by getting all the advanced publicity and post-game publicity that you possibly can!

Some of the marketers have pre-publicized details of their commercials in order to take the benefit of this publicity, such as Nationwide Insurance that revealed that Kevin Federline (ex-Mr. Britney Spears) will be in their commercial playing a fast food employee, while Triple Double L.A. announced that in NFL commercials we will see David Beckham, Martha Steward, Jimmy Fallon and LL Cool J.

The newest trend in Super Bowl commercials will be the consumer generated ads! Ads produced theoretically not by advertising agencies but from ordinary people like us who upload videos to! Doritos, Chevy and NFL will follow this trend, so keep an eye on their ads! Maybe your idea is the next Super Bowl commercial...

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marinabal said...

Pragamtika re Filipara, Who cares? who reads this stuff? Internationals only watch the super Bowl for the ads!!! First time my tivo will run through a game that is called football but is not played with your feet, and then stop it so i can watch the adds! publisity stant=yes! it works, heck no! we know that better that anyone, we studied marketing!
It a great wayste of money though to show that you are powerful! it money that could solve Affricas problem but instead it used to show your brand has money! wow!